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The Sandworm Principle, 2. Auflage

What do you do when you encounter a situation as as big as a W.H.A.L.E.? Get your team ready: The encouragers, the visionaries, the motivators, the passionate, the team players, the workaholics; oh, and yes, the lazy, the fearful, the eccentrics, the immature, the excusers, the prideful and of course, the corruptors!
Learn how to identify which Sandworms are on your team. Become an expert on how to lead and position some “characters” effectively, without losing time, money and most of all your W.H.A.L.E.!
Start digging relentlessly until it becomes reality!

"The Sandworm Principle - the ultimate transformational leadership guide" (currently - English only) basiert auf dem Kinderbuch "1000 kleine Wunder - 1000 Little Miracles".
Genießen Sie die Einfachheit und Weisheit beider Bücher, um Ihre Führungs- und Personalkenntnisse zu verbessern und jede unmögliche Herausforderung mit Leichtigkeit zu meistern.

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