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Welcome, I am Spilbulu and love to encourage you!

I am Spilbulu the Encourager Worm.  I lovingly wrap myself around your  to strenghten and inspire you.  



My Motto: Originals don't bully!

I believe that everyone was created as an original! 
No matter where you come from, what you look like or believe in,
you were wonderfully and beautifully made and this demands respect! 

What is in my  ?

"You wondered why I wear my  on my "sleeve"? Well, that is funny!
I don't even have sleeves ... or even arms... or even legs.  I guess it is just a saying, which simply means that I reveal my entire  to you! 
See, I might not have wings like a seagull or mighty claws like a crab! However, I have a big mouth that is not just made for digging but also for telling stories that will encourage you!"

"When we cuddle, my plastic granules make digging sounds that remind you to never give up or to let yourself be discouraged by a "whale-sized" problem - whether at school, home or anything new you try."