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Spilbulu desires to take you on a humorous but fullfilling journey of reflection.

A journey that encourages you to never give up until you see the vision of your heart manifest!

It's only impossible when you quit!




Hello, I am the EncouragerWorm Spilbulu.
We can do everything together!

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A multi generational story of overcoming "impossibilities".

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An insight into the hearts of those around you as well as yourself that will change your life forever!

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Latest News

1000 kleine Wunder - 1000 Little Miracles will be read in the city library of Mannheim (ONLINE)

Something fun and encouraging for the kids:

The city library of Mannheim will read my book "1000 kleine Wunder - 1000 Little Miracles" (ONLINE) in this months English Story time.

11/25 at 4pm (yes, tomorrow)

I was told to have a yellow sock and a black marker ready for the arts and crafts time afterwards.

This is the event link:



The Sandworm Principle made it to Uganda, Africa

The Sandworm Principle made it to Kampala, the capital of Uganda, Africa. Beautiful! Thank you for the great pictures in front of the Independence Monument.

The Sandworm Principle is in Turkey

The Sandworm Principle is now inspiring readers in Turkey. This picture was taken by one of the readers from Istanbul at the Bosphorus. Thank you so much ❤️