Welcome to the Spilbulu Publishing House!

Spilbulu loves to tell stories that inspire, motivate and transform your heart!

Stories that empower you to discover your own identity and inspire you to "just be you".

Spilbulu desires to take you on a humorous but fullfilling journey of reflection.

A journey that encourages you to never give up until you see the vision of your heart manifest!

It's only impossible when you quit!




Hello, I am the EncouragerWorm Spilbulu.
We can do everything together!

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A multi generational story of overcoming "impossibilities".

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An insight into the hearts of those around you as well as yourself that will change your life forever!

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Latest News

Supporting the American Community in Germany

Come out to our reading on Nov,15 2023 at Panzer Kaserne.

Meet me, Spilbulu, the EncouagerWorm and listen to my story of overcoming the impossible!


Looking forward to seeing you,

Spilbulu and Petra

The Spilbulu Publication House is celebrating its 10 year anniversary

For 10 years, the EncouragerWorm Spilbulu has been inspiring young and old readers worldwide with its story "1000 little miracles - 1000 Little Miracles".

For this special anniversary we have come up with something great - have a look in our shop!

AWAG Leadership Conference

Looking forward to holding the Keynote at this year's AWAG Leadership Conference.